Posted on 25th January, 2019

Students on the PERFORMANCE GOLF ACADEMY DERBY education and player development have recently benefited from the advantages of modern technology.
On a recent project, they visited Derby Universities Human Performance Unit to undergo individual assessments using Hi Tech Science & Motion equipment.
The assessments involved data collection about each students swing using High Tec Vicom system which biomechanically assess the body movement during the golf swing using 12 high speed infa red cameras linked to sensors on the golfers body. This measures the angle and position of hips and shoulders through the golf swing.
Linked up wit the Kistler Force Plate platforms this measures forces created throughout the golf swing, especially at the top of the swing and through impact area. This provides the coaches with invaluable data and information that the human eye cannot detect.
Each student swing was also monitored via flightscope, which measures ball flight, swing speed and shot dispersion.
The day was attended by Performance Golf Academy technical coach James Whatley along with physio coach Pete Swaile who interpreted the results to provide player feedback.
James Whaley, Performance Golf technical coach explained” The HPU presents an environment to link together force plate data with 3 d Swing Analysis is a fantastic opportunity for the students. The technology provides us data which the coach is unable to see with the naked eye.”
All academy members have also had their putting strokes analysed using a Science & Motion Putt Lab analyser. The technology which uses laser sensors is able to measure club face alignment and the loft of the club at address and impact, plus the path of the putter head throughout the stroke.
The computer software can produce numerous reports, all which can be extremely valuable to both player and coach in assessing and developing the putting stroke and skill.
Nigel Furniss commented “ The Vicom and Kistler analysis systems are an extremely useful tool when assessing and analysing  a players golf swing. Having access to such High tech equipment is a real advantage for the students and coaches on the Performance Golf programme”
All academy members received a detailed report which they will now use to work with the academy coach’s to develop their swing and putting techniques.

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