The Performance Golf Academy Derby programme is designed to present the student with advice, support and direction aimed at improving their performance in golf and enhancing their career opportunities within the golfing market.




The programme follows a process of tried and tested methods delivered by our coaching staff whilst directing and managing the England National Training programme, helping players such as Ross Fisher, Richard Finch, Oliver WIlson, Gary Lockerbie and David Horsey move successfully on into the world of professional golf.




Students are encouraged to continually evaluate their commitment and application to their own development utilising a series of tools and techniques designed to measure and monitor their improvement in performance.




They are asked to follow a process of:


  • Evaluating their current lifestyle.
  • Setting goals and targets (Short, Medium and Long Term)
  • Structuring a competition programme.
  • Designing an individual training programme. PERFORMANCE GOLF ACADEMY DERBY
  • Planning their daily and weekly programme.
  • Measuring and monitoring performance.
  • Understanding their equipment.

The Performance Golf Programme encourages the student to become independent and responsible for their own development and actions.



Students are introduced to the multi disciplined approach to improving performance in golf.



All of the programme delivery is player centred and offers each student the opportunity to progress and develop at their own pace but within the requirements of the programme.



The golf programme will look to provide workshops and seminars by tour professionals, top amateurs, and leading golf coaches. In addition physiotherapists, physiologists and psychologists will share their skills and experiences of working in sport at the highest level with the students.