The Players Training Record has been designed to assist the golfer to measure and monitor their training and performance.


Divided into simple to follow sections the Training Record will help the player/coach to identify a player’s strengths and weaknesses, measure their performance, plan and monitor their training and practice programme.


Ideal for complementing County or Group coaching programmes providing the player and the coach with a tool to measure and monitor the player’s progress.


The sections/benefits included in the Player Training Record are:




  • Introduction
  • Player Profile
  • Group/Individual Coaching Record
  • Practice Planner
  • Statistical Measurement
  • Fundemental Physical Exercises
  • Monthly Review
  • Physical Programmes
  • Parental Consent Form



  • Set Goals and Targets
  • Easy to follow format.
  • Monthly Review process
  • Tool for recording statistics
  • Record your distances you hit each club
  • Monthly Practice Planner
  • Monthly Performance Measurement
  • Area for note taking
  • Record your exercise programme
  • Parental/Medical consent forms
  • Area for recording Individual coaching sessions
  • Area for recording group coaching sessions
  • Great Size- A6 folder fits easily into golf bag.

Inside the Training Record you will find tools to help players identify their strengths and weaknesses enabling them to focus their coaching and practice on the important areas necessary to develop their golf.


The Training record provides a great vehicle to record players progress which can be shared with parents and all coaches involved in supporting a young players development, absolutely vital to ensure that a clear message is understood by all involved in the development of the young golfer.


Use the Players Training Record to add that all important support tool to your coaching and training programmes.


For further information or to order your copy pleases contact:


Nigel Furniss Tel: 07871 260430