Here are a few comments and kind words from the players, parents and coaches on what they think about the PERFORMANCE GOLF ACADEMY programme.




"The Performance Golf Academy was a fantastic experience and i feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of the programme and had access to a world class team of coaches. The support given to me as I followed my chosen career path within golf has been just fantastic, can't thank them enough." Liam Slater, - former student working as a trainee professional at Notts Golf Club, Hollinwell.


“I enjoyed my two years at the Performance Golf Academy very much, it provided me with lots of opportunities and has helped me pursue a career and secure my first job within golf. The academy taught me how to practice properly and effectively, it provided the facilities, experts and the time to improve my golf to another level. “

 Callum Liddle, former performance golf academy student working in the golf retail outlet at Morley Hayes Golf complex.


 “The two years I have spent at the Performance Golf Academy has been a valuable experience, it has definitely helped me achieve my career goal of becoming a professional golfer.”Ben Fearon - working as a trainee professional at Radcliffe on Trent Golf Club.


“This programme really presents young golfers with a fantastic opportunity to receive support and training from probably the best team of coaches in the country. It has helped me enormously in taking my game to a higher level.”Alex Weare – former student, recentely accepted a golf scholarship at Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina.


"The programme is awesome, I didn’t realise how much you need deal with to become a top flight player."

Dean Hibbert - former student working in Golfit retail outlet in Derby.


“The Performance Golf Academy programme is excellent; the team really support you and help you to learn about yourself as well your golf”.  Tom Holland, former student working as a trainee professional in Uttoxeter.


“Very enjoyable experience helped me to become a better person and better golfer.” Lewis Roberts – current student


“My golf has really improved since joining the academy, I have reduced my handicap, become a better golfer and learnt a lot about myself.” Tom Hamson – former student


“Joining the Performance Golf Academy has given me the opportunity to be more independent and experience living away from home. My golf has really improved in all aspects and I have learnt how to become a better golfer. I have matured, learning more about myself and improved how to communicate with others. Looking forward to next year.” Chloë Stokes – current student, recently accepted a scholarship at Stirling University


 “This programme has given me a great insight into the way that golfers and especially athletes should lead there life in all aspects, from on the golf course to also what they do away from the course. The coaching and support is first class as well as the facilities, physical and psychological expertise which give you the perfect opportunity to improve your golf.” Dave Worger – former student and BCS Champion


“The time I have spent at this academy I have learnt a lot about golf and myself as a person. My handicap has lowered substantially, this is due to the top quality coaches and the help I have had throughout my time hear.”

Tom Bolger-Current student


Since I have been on the golf academy I have reduced my handicap by 3 shots now currently playing off 2. It has been the 2 best years I’ve had in both education and golf training”. Hayden Berridge- former student





“From a parents point of view..........

The coaches look after the Golfers and keep the parents up to date with their performance on a day to day basis, which is great to receive.” Julie Cawthorne





"Working with golfers in this age range all over the country, I meet lots of players at different academies nationwide and the feedback is not always very positive.  It is clear to me that the students at the Performance Golf Academy in Derby are very well catered for, enjoy their experience, improve as people and players, and equip themselves for careers in the golf industry.   I recommend you take a good look at the programme, as it delivers what it promises"  Dr. Brian Hemmings, Lead Psychologist to England Golf


The Derby College golf academy course has to be regarded as one of the very best in the UK. Not only do the students have access to first class facilities at Morley Hayes GC but the training of the golf is particularly effective via the superbly structured programme and delivered by coaches with proven ability and reputation.' Keith Williams former England National Coach.